Live - Hopher Carigma

Words are my Thoughts

Emotions are my energy

Feelings are my will

And Smile is my shield

Though Whatever the weather, whatever the day

These are the things I like to convey

Because myself had really endured enough

Atleast with these, I can fight back

I have faced gruesome battles

I have witnessed withering scenes

I have felt coldest relationship

I have contest this lifeless living

For some, this statement, may seem exagerated

Yet the feeling is really underrated

Maybe the happy things only shown as a part of an act

yet after a lively front, rot inside a dreadful heart

Why do suppress and endure this?

Why not just leave it and move on?

Why not curse it and bury it

Well because I’m an idiot living a Rocking world!

Kick it, Flip it, Punch it, Wreck it

Fight, Lose, Gain and Love

Feel this world, against all odds

Winning this journey, ending it strong.

As I look above with flying colors

"…As if you shall cry for me as hard as I cry for you, why should I bother cry, when I chose to wipe these tears, stand-up and be happy."



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