Emotion 1

I will wish everyday, of this lifetime of mine

That you will never feel left behind or being crushed inside

Bearing it both it’s beyond comprehension

And it looks like I shall endure this forever

For I’m just a “no one” that others will neglect ‘till there’s water

I just wish you, them, and everybody else

Will never experience such tragic feelings

For feelings not usually easily healed

I’ll shall just scream my pain inside my so called act

Just have fun, be happy

Don’t bother yourselves for the likes of me

A waste of time, effort and a dirt on that “Friend’s List”

Just let me be and I shall survive this… Unfortunately, just me.

Thought No. 7

There will be a time that you will sigh

For the moment is extremely disappointing

For crying out loud, and faking it up

You just want to be in that circle upfront

Many things in the future may come up

and here you are stuck

why not show them what you’re really made for

with that, at least, in the end

you’re the lead, in your own great show  

Live - Hopher Carigma

Words are my Thoughts

Emotions are my energy

Feelings are my will

And Smile is my shield

Though Whatever the weather, whatever the day

These are the things I like to convey

Because myself had really endured enough

Atleast with these, I can fight back

I have faced gruesome battles

I have witnessed withering scenes

I have felt coldest relationship

I have contest this lifeless living

For some, this statement, may seem exagerated

Yet the feeling is really underrated

Maybe the happy things only shown as a part of an act

yet after a lively front, rot inside a dreadful heart

Why do suppress and endure this?

Why not just leave it and move on?

Why not curse it and bury it

Well because I’m an idiot living a Rocking world!

Kick it, Flip it, Punch it, Wreck it

Fight, Lose, Gain and Love

Feel this world, against all odds

Winning this journey, ending it strong.

As I look above with flying colors

"…As if you shall cry for me as hard as I cry for you, why should I bother cry, when I chose to wipe these tears, stand-up and be happy."